The Final ImResFun Scientific Conference of the EC-funded Marie-Curie Initial Training Network ImResFun is now announced.

Publication: Candidalysin is a fungal peptide toxin critical for mucosal infection

ITN Practical Course "C2a", Barcelona, Spain (May 10-15, 2015)

ITN Meeting, La Colle sur Loup, France (May 16, 2015)

HPF2015, La Colle sur Loup, France (May 16-22, 2015)

ITN Practical Course "S3" & "C3", Madrid, Spain (July 6-10, 2015)

ITN Mid-Term Review Meeting, Vienna, Austria (November 3, 2015)

ITN Practical Course "S5" & "C5", Tübingen, Germany (May 9-11, 2016)

ITN Lecture Course "S4" & "C4", Szeged, Hungary (July 2-8, 2016)

ITN Practical Course "S6" & "C6", Göttingen, Germany (October 26-28, 2016)

ITN Symposium "S7" & Final Consortium Meeting, Innsbruck, Austria (January 28-30, 2017)




Marie Curie ITN

EURAXESS Researchers in Motion

Marie Curie Alumni


Other Fungal ITNs

ARIADNE (Jürgen Wendland, Carlsberg Laboratory Denmark)

FungiBrain (Nick Read, University of Manchester, UK)

QuantFung (Vera Meyer, Technical University Berlin, Germany)

YEASTCELL (John Morrissey, University College Cork, Ireland)


International Conferences / Courses

GRC - Immunology of Fungal Infections, Jan 18-23, 2015, Galveston, USA

HPF2015 May 16-22, 2015, La Colle sur Loup, France

5th CESC July 02-08, 2016, Szeged, Hungary